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In a world where terror is an ongoing threat, Kingsland School, in Kingstanding, Birmingham, is one of the first to fit Lockdown from ERA, the UK’s first emergency barricade device able to lock down a door in seconds in a crisis situation, helping to protect school children.

Designed to provide high performance security in the event of a threatening situation, Lockdown is ideal for schools as it is simple and easy to fit, making doors inaccessible to intruders and creating a safe hiding place for students and teachers in the event of an attack.

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ERA, the UK’s leading home security specialist, has appointed Megan Parker as marketing assistant.

With expertise in running her own small business, Megan, who is also studying for a degree in Business Management, was appointed because of her no-nonsense, common-sense approach – essential qualities when helping to implement communication and marketing activities across ERA’s channels.

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When Instagram cleaning sensation Lindsay Turford – known as dazlincleaning – needed to upgrade the front and back doors at her home in Worcestershire, she naturally wanted the new ones to bring a touch of sparkle. And Lindsay was so impressed when she saw the collection of composite doors from Virtuoso Doors that she knew she’d finally found the perfect doors for her 3-bedroom home.

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ODL Europe have just launched their new online door portal.  The new online ordering system has been designed to add value to a customer’s business.  Suzanne Nicholl, Business Development Manager at ODL Europe, comments: “When developing our new door portal, we kept the needs of our customers at the forefront of our mind.   The system is easy to use and speeds up the ordering process which will be a benefit for our customers.”

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Alan Fielder, Edgetech’s experienced Sales & Marketing Director, is leaving the company after twelve years.

When Alan first joined the firm back in 2008, warm-edge technology was still in its infancy in the UK.

Over the decade that followed, he was an integral part of the team that helped popularise it – to the extent that now, in 2019, warm-edge has firmly established itself in the mainstream.

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